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A group of spirited women rebel against everything their Cold War society stands for, charming and deceiving their way straight into a hotbed of dirty dealings and double-crossing.

It's spring of 1954 and under pressure from her Congressman-to-be-husband, Mary commits their intellectually challenged six-year-old son to Letchworth Village: Home for the Epileptic and Feeble Minded. Here, he will serve a life sentence, and she will be encouraged to erase him from her thoughts. When this proves impossible, Mary starts down a path that will forever change everything, for everyone.

Fulfilling a deep-seated need for independence, she repressed long ago, Mary takes on an alter ego as a down-on-her-luck, working class laundress. Free of her suffocating housewife persona, she gains access to the twisted mental institution and comes face-to-face with evil, as she uncovers Cold War plots, cover-ups, and subterfuge.

  • Black List x Women in Film Episodic Lab Fellowship

  • Black List Featured Script

  • Top-Ranked Pilot on Black List for over Six Months

  • Semi-Finalist Austin Film Festival Screenplay & Teleplay Competition


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